07 / 12 / 2013

Eye signs 4-times World Champion Amr Shabana

The Egyptian maestro, 4 times World Champion and former world number 1, Amr Shabana, has signed a 3 year contract with Eye.

A Norwegian company, Eye was started in 2010. With a relentless passion for squash, Eye believes the signing of a modern day legend is welcome recognition for a brand that likes to do things differently.

Joey Barrington, International Ambassador for Eye: "The brand is a breath of fresh air for the squash market and signing a modern great is incredible. We have 2 legends signed with us now, the other being Jonah Barrington; you have the best of both worlds in past and present!"
"Amr is the perfect player for us. With his style and decorum on and off the court, he exudes class and shares our obsession for all things squash. Our focus on future generations and in supporting the grass-roots squash player is what we are about.

Amr has been at the forefront of world squash for nearly 2 decades; he is a great inspiration to us as a company."

Amr Shabana: "I feel it was time for a change and this brand has a wonderful future. They have a cool approach with very clever racket innovations that basically make the racket lighter, without compromising on feel and touch. Their rackets are perfect for my style of game; can?t wait to unleash the fury on my way back to the top!?

Joey Barrington: "Squash is moving forward so quickly, in terms of media and live television; it's great to be part of it. With the UK launch due in early 2014, this is an exciting time for us."